ICMCI Asia Pacific Hub Meeting 2019 -The Transformation Driver ~Technology and our future~-

Welcome Address from the Chairman of the All Japan Federation of Management Organizations

Masami Nakamura

Ladies and Gentleman,

The All Japan Federation of Management Organizations (AFMO) was established in 1949, and we have actively promoted “scientific management” as our primary objective ever since. At the same time, by becoming a regular member of ICMCI (CMC-Global) in 1998, we have aimed to increase international exchange, with an eye towards expanding abroad, ahead of other domestic management organizations.

On this occasion, as AFMO celebrates its 70th anniversary in 2019, we will host the Asia-Pacific Hub Conference. It will be an opportunity for consultants from not only Asia-Pacific, but all over the world to gather in one place, and it makes me very happy to have the chance to share knowledge and experience that transcends countries and regions. I look forward to the limitless synergies that will likely be created by this exchange.

Though at times it may not be obvious, there is no doubt that the world is changing with unprecedented speed, and this change has become an irresistible force. While we understand this phenomenon is inevitable, we are resolved to drive this change ourselves, and the theme of this conference: The Transformation Driver ~Technology and our future~, displays our intention to be “drivers”, not “followers” of these major developments.

We have a distinctive subculture here that has been created by the combination of advanced technology and traditional Asian culture. I would like to invite everyone to come visit our unique city as we prepare for the 2020 Summer Olympics and personally experience the “Transformation” that is in the air. I would like to welcome everyone from CMC, IMC and related organizations from around the world, as well as everyone who would like to join us going forward. I hope that everyone can take away something valuable from this experience.

Masami Nakamura